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The Future Technologies of computers in the world markets

What are the Computer Technology in the future?

Computer is electronic device that was made by a human binges and that may be changed according to our wants. It is the period of technology, for that purposes many technologist are preparing their
technology in the developing view.

According to the scientist, the technology is side to be a engineering involving computer-based hardware and software system. In the future the technology of computer has been changed according to the technician of the world. The information technology(IT) is dependent upon the architecture of system. The
architecture of system has been changing according to time and situation of
the technology. In the future computer will thinks and understand the natural language of all over the world. The technology of the computers will be change.

Information technology is considered as a improvement in variety of human
and organization problem-solving by design,development, and use of
technologically based systems and process to effect that problem. After twenty years, the technology has been changing according to the'changing the computer technology and gadgets. The computer technology has been changing according to dramatic increase. The processing speed of the computer technology also changing with the time like speed of network
capacity and internet. Technology is developed in a such a manner that the
video film called Matrix comes in true. The technology which are revolted on
the fields such as nanotechnology, AI and quantum physics. The computer
technology is developed in a facilitated like we can live and work.

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