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What Are the Six Elements of an Information System? eHow

In "Fundamentals of Information Systems," Ralph Stair and George Reynolds define a computer- based information system (CBIS) as a "single set of hardware, software

The Elements of Computing Systems Building a Modern Computer from

"A refreshingly new way of looking at computer systems as a whole by considering all aspects of a complete system in an integrated manner." Jonathan Bowen Times

What are the basic elements of a computer

What are the basic memory element in computer system? Bits. A bit is either 1 or 0, (on or off). It doesn't get any more basic than that. Sign in using:

5 Elements of computer system The Q&A wiki

The five elements of a computer system are the five elements of a computer system are the hardware, software, peopleware, dataware & connectivity. lol There are

Basic Elements of a Computer System eHow

A computer system is an interconnected system of components that transmit electronic information between them to accomplish a task given to the computer.

Welcome to the Elements Computer System.

Elements Computer System The Five Basic Elements Of Computer
System Are. Storage; Arithmetic and Logical Unit

What Are The Basic Elements Of A Computer System? Blurtit

Answer (1 of 33): Basic elements of a computer system are Mouse, Keyboard, monitor, memory,
CPU, motherboard, Hard Disk, Speakers, Modem, power Supply, and processor.

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see Input Devices of Computer System


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