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Why do some laptop batteries say plugged in not charging?

When windows tells you your battery status is "plugged in, not charging" this means that'the machine is running on external power, and is not currently charging the battery. Most often, this is because the battery is already fully charged and the machine has stopped charging it as many laptop batteries can be damaged by over-charging. This message may also be displayed when the battery is missing or malfunctioning in some way Use power top to see which programs are doing unneeded background processing such as beagle/tracker, weather notifications, gnome-do, and (if you don't need the internet) network-manager, mail-notifications. when it malfunctions the charger is broken on the inside put it back. i had the same problem and i tried everything then i took it to a shop which checked it and said it was broken on the inside and they were right so i opened the wire up and put it back together then it started working again. this happens by taking your charger everywhere you go and twisting of the wire

If their is an software on the laptop like battery life extender remove it to fix the problem they don't make a difference anyway other than they make it slower Laptop Battery Not Charging Because Of Heating Issue First problem which is there with some of the HP laptops is the battery charging stops when'the laptop heats up. This is a weird problem, but the HP service center guy told me that the battery sensor malfunctions if it gets too hot and the charging stops. With old laptops with heating issues, this problem is very common. The work-around for this problem is to keep running on mains power or switch off the laptop for sometime to allow it to cool off. A better solution to this problem is to get the laptop services and remove the heating problem by getting the cooling ducts clean. Also there may be heat sink related problems which cause excessive heating. After the heating problem is resolved, the battery charging will become normal.

Laptop Battery Not Charging Because Of Battery Device Driver Issues There are some default battery device drivers which are bundles in Windows 7, these drivers try to control the battery charging properly, but for some laptops, these drivers may not function well. In such cases, users face problems like Laptop battery does not charge even when the battery is low and power adaptor is properly plugged into the laptop. In such cases, its better to download compatible battery drivers from manufacturer and install them instead of the Windows default drivers.

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