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Computer Hardwares and There Types With Example?

Computer is a devices made by the hardware or physical parts of the components which is made by the human beings. The physical parts of the computer is known as computer hardware. Hardware are the external and internal parts of the computer system. It is man made components of the computer as well as other man made components. It is a physical artifacts of the technology. Artifacts means the physical components or an objects that is produced by the human crafts, specially a tool, weapon of a historical interest.

I n the computer system CPU is the main hardware. In the CPU, Mother board, keyboard, mouse are the main parts of the computer hardware system. Hard drive is the storage of software of a skill or informational. Computer hardware is the physical pats of the computer system. It is opposite to a software because software can be frequently changed,modified or erased on a computer but hardware is not frequently changed or modified like a software. So that hardware is opposite to the computer

There are many ttypes of hardware they are:

It is the main processor of the computer hardware system. It is the central or primary circuit board making of the computer.It is also known as the main board, logic board system board.

CPU(Central processing Unit):
it is also the main components of the computer hardware. Because, it interprets the instructions and process them in the computer programs.

RAM(Read Access Memory):
Read access Memory is a hardware that con be stored the program to accesses the min the computer. It help to displaying and manipulating data where it is used.

Hard disk :
it is also considered as a main parts of the computer system. Because it helps to stored data for future processing. It can stored data for permanently. It is said to be non-volatile.

see Block Diagram Computer System


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